Jennifer aka: Maverick (Mav) (madrigalist) wrote in lake_averne,
Jennifer aka: Maverick (Mav)

A Birthday short story on the blog... Gerik and Erik at it again! Contest is open!

In honor of Gaston Leroux's birthday and the opening of THE GASTON LEROUX BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE DRABBLE CONTEST--which remember is your opportunity to have your drabble judged by professional writers for a chance to win a Phantom of the Opera gift basket, a signed copy of MADRIGAL and other signed books by authors--I wrote a short little one-shot (no it's not a drabble) to poke fun at the Gerik's and Lerik's of the world!

Viva la Quill. Enjoy and be sure to enter the Drabble contest. Click the link in my side bar for rules and theme!

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