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Finally, I have found a community that's Leroux-based! I adore ALW's Phantom, but Leroux will always be the best for me. So then...

Name: Liz (short)

Favorite Version: Leroux's original, of course :) same goes for the movie

Opinion on the movie: It's a beautiful movie to look at, surely...but I don't think too exceptionally highly of it. I do adore the musical- watching it was on of the greatest experiences of my life...but the movie was so different in comparison :( I like to watch it now and then, makes for good entertainment...but it's hardly Phantom of the Opera, for me.

What do the characters look like to you? Gah! This is always a hard question for me...well of course, Christine is blonde...there's a clip on Youtube of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera production, and that Christine comes pretty close to what the book describes. Raoul, I always imagine Eddie Redmayne with a small mustache as him, for some reason, nothing particular. And Erik, well, Lon Chaney is my Erik :)
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