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Which do you turn?

Phans of the original story: little scorpions and grasshoppers!

Phantom of the Opera, Leroux style.
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Do you remember Gaston Leroux?

First of all, we are not elitests, nor are we a cult.

This community is to dilute some of the new movie talk. This isn't saying that we can't discuss the new movie here as well...by all means, we can. This is only saying that if you join this community, you recognize that there is an original story, which can never be overtaken or outdone by new versions.

If you believe some or all of these things, then this community is for you.

Christine is blond.
Raoul is NOT to blame.
Erik is not pretty, and is sexy in only a dead, skeletal sort of way. His touch was not hot, but dead cold.
Erik is a murderer, he is NOT innocent.

You don't have to follow everything to a T, of course, but if you have a general belief in the original novel, then you belong here.

When you join, please tell us this:

Your name:
Favorite version:
Opinion on the movie:
What do the characters look like to you?:

You won't be criticized for your opinion, I promise. If you come here to bash the community and try to tell us that the movie is the "TRUE VERSION AND GERARD ROCKS OMG!!ONE!!" then you might be banned. A good number of us like Gerard, we only recognize that there is a first and foremost version that has to be respected and still remembered.

Long live Leroux and blond Christines!

Moderator: christinedaae
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If you recognize me on any of these phanphic websites/boards, then feel free to drop a line in your post and say hello!

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