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Phantom of the Opera, Leroux style.

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The Phantom of Valletta [24 Nov 2010|10:11pm]

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The Phantom of Valletta, my own spin off, is the talk of the little isle of Malta.  It was featured in The Sunday Times in Malta and just recently reviewed in the Insiter, a publication for the University of Malta.  The Royal Opera House setting seemed to be a prime place to take the Phantom, however, I never realized it would cause such a stir among the locals.

For more information visit my website at:  The Phantom of Valletta.  Links to the reviews can be read here:  Malta News Reviews

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Phantom of the Opera Writing Contest Extended [31 May 2010|09:37am]


Greetings all! I will be  traveling forcing me to extend the contest deadline for the Gaston Leroux Drabble Contest . The new deadline is midnight June 27th.   First place prize is a Phantom of the Opera gift basket. For details and rules: http://www.jenniferlinforth.com/contest.htm


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A unique interview abou the series [10 Apr 2010|10:49pm]


The Examiner interviewed me about my Phantom series. Some unique and some goofy questions...


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Exploring the characters in Love Never Dies [22 Mar 2010|08:32am]


Madame Giry is up now on the blogjenniferlinforth.blogspot.com/
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Mark Your Calendars! All Things Phantom Show December 12 @ 5 p.m. [04 Dec 2009|11:31am]

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Mark Your Calendars! All Things Phantom Show December 12 @ 5 p.m.

Brianne Kelly Morgan, who plays Meg Giry in the Vegas Production of The Phantom of the Opera will be our guest. Brianne has studied ballet since she was five and has trained at the Houston Ballet, Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theater, and is more than qualified to play the endearing Meg Giry on stage. I’ve seen her perform seven times and she often visits our chatroom during the show.

If you are curious what it is like to be a star on stage – especially Phantom – and live your dream in ballet shoes, please join us at http://blogtalkradio.com/All_Things_Phantom

This week on December 5, we have a clip from Ladyghost and a guest who has attended the Phantom Production at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.

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100 years of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! [21 Oct 2009|09:38pm]

Fans of all incarnations of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA might be interested to know that we are now entering the story's 100th anniversary year! The original novel by Gaston Leroux was first serialised in a French newspaper between September 1909 and January 1910, prior to publication in book format by Pierre Lafitte in February 1910.

To celebrate this milestone achievement, a brand new Phantom Twitter stream was launched during Vegas Fans Week to spread the word of the centenary and the latest news and developments concerning the Opera Ghost. Eventually it is hoped the stream will be used to release exciting new ongoing research currently being undertaken into the novel and all its subsequent adaptations in areas never previously explored. It'll also be a sort of starting point perhaps to test the viability of bringing fans across the world together in 2010. 

The more fans who join the stream, the better, so we can spread word of the centenary to the wider world and draw attention to all things Phantom!  The Leroux estate is also aware of the feed, so it would be good to show Leroux's descendants just how beloved this story remains across the globe!

Please follow by following @fantomedelopera on Twitter ( http://twitter.com/fantomedelopera ), or, alternatively, going to http://phantomslair.com for further details.
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New Phantom Website and Contest [09 Oct 2009|08:28pm]


In honor of the launch of the new website devoted to The Madrigals, I'm hosting a contest to run from now until November 15th, 2009. Simply find the excerpts to MADRIGAL and ABENDLIED, (forthcoming 2009) on www.jenniferlinforth.com  and answer these questions:


Madrigal: Who is referred to as a little minx?

Abendlied:  What town is Erik in?


Email your answer through the author contact form on the website. (Please include "Web Site Contest" in your subject line.) One winner will be chosen in a random drawing from all correct answers and will win a signed copy of MADRIGAL **Shipping to US residents only. An international winner would receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate in lieu of the above prize. Not redeemable for cash**


Contest runs from October 9, 2009 through midnight (EST) November 15, 2009 Entries received before or after these dates will not be eligible.

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Hello! [05 Aug 2009|12:43am]


Finally, I have found a community that's Leroux-based! I adore ALW's Phantom, but Leroux will always be the best for me. So then...

Name: Liz (short)

Favorite Version: Leroux's original, of course :) same goes for the movie

Opinion on the movie: It's a beautiful movie to look at, surely...but I don't think too exceptionally highly of it. I do adore the musical- watching it was on of the greatest experiences of my life...but the movie was so different in comparison :( I like to watch it now and then, makes for good entertainment...but it's hardly Phantom of the Opera, for me.

What do the characters look like to you? Gah! This is always a hard question for me...well of course, Christine is blonde...there's a clip on Youtube of Ken Hill's Phantom of the Opera production, and that Christine comes pretty close to what the book describes. Raoul, I always imagine Eddie Redmayne with a small mustache as him, for some reason, nothing particular. And Erik, well, Lon Chaney is my Erik :)
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All Things Phantom - BlogTalkRadio [17 Jul 2009|08:04am]

Come and join us this Saturday, July 18 at 5:00 p.m. PST for our next show as we talk about Christine Daae.  We will also be speaking with the individual who recorded our very awesome introduction.  He's seen POTO 178 times around the world and has much to share, as well as being a very talented man with great vocals.  Check our blog for updates on a regular basis at All Things Phantom.

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Winners announced [27 Jun 2009|07:54am]


Drabble contest winners announced on my blog!  Top three entries are up with more to  come over the next few days. Drop by and read. Next blog up as well will be on the top of "reinventing" of Phantom of the Opera... or why in the blazes Christine walks around with no underwear.... jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com
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Contest Update and Erik's Smiles [10 Jun 2009|01:37pm]


The panel of judges has been announced and is up on the blog. http://jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com

In addition CrankyPhantom has a store with a portion of proceeds going to Operation Smile! What a great idea for Erik! 
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Tip Of The Quill [06 Jun 2009|10:29pm]

I strongly encourage everyone to visit Ms. Linforth's blogger!  

Cranky Erik's website is as entertaining as Ms. Linforth's is informative.  Rich with background, insight and the professionalism only a traditionally published author can bring, plan on spending time on her website and blogger!  

Madrigal, by Jennifer Linforth is a captivating continuation of Gaston Leroux's Phanton of the Opera and nobody delivers like this amazingly talented author!

I leave you all with Ms. Linforth's trademark salutation:

Philippe, Comte de Chagny



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Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera Continues Leroux Style [06 Jun 2009|11:29am]

Still posting after publication. 

You're welcome to stop by and read.  Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera now focusing on Leroux only.

I agree, the Cranky Phantom is a bit cranky!

The Phantom's Student

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Where Erik is Erik as Cranky as he can get! [06 Jun 2009|02:06pm]


I just did a blog on this on my blogger. Erik has a website. And he takes questions. About everything! And he is delightfully cranky!

This is so refreshing in a world of similar POTO blogs.... Visit and check out all the links

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Erik a German? [29 May 2009|10:01am]


Reposted a popular topic on my blog (gearing up for edits to book two of The Madrigals and have been remiss in my blogging) New folks to the blog might enjoy the older posts!  Erik: Frenchman or German? http://jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com   Don't forget--still time to enter the Drabble Contest!
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How to cut out Erik and make him jump through hoops... [18 May 2009|08:33am]


A new and somewhat snarky series is up on my blog--where an author wanks her own work. Curious about what editors cut from a book? What brainstorming ideas do not make it in? Check it out.  jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com  Contest still going on.... it is getting lots of entries! Making me have to work.....
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A Birthday short story on the blog... Gerik and Erik at it again! Contest is open! [06 May 2009|08:45am]


In honor of Gaston Leroux's birthday and the opening of THE GASTON LEROUX BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE DRABBLE CONTEST--which remember is your opportunity to have your drabble judged by professional writers for a chance to win a Phantom of the Opera gift basket, a signed copy of MADRIGAL and other signed books by authors--I wrote a short little one-shot (no it's not a drabble) to poke fun at the Gerik's and Lerik's of the world!

Viva la Quill. Enjoy and be sure to enter the Drabble contest. Click the link in my side bar for rules and theme!

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A Glance into Philippe's Amour--or not.Sorelli cont'd [04 May 2009|07:53am]


Up on the POTO blog!  Continued my last post on supersition and pondered some stuff on Sorelli. Be sure to check back on Wednesday the 6th when the contest opens. I will have a short story posted!  jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com
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Drabble contest... writer? Role-player? Major Phan...? [27 Apr 2009|08:11am]


Announcing THE GASTON LEROUX BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE DRABBLE CONTEST! In honor of the pending release of ABENDLIED: book two of The Madrigals, I am hosting a drabble contest. This is your chance to have your writing judged by professional writers for a chance to win a Phantom of the Opera themed gift basket along with a signed copy if MADRIGAL. In addition, several contest judges have offered signed copies of their books as well.

What is a drabble? A drabble is a story told in 100 words. No more, no less. Many times in the fan-fiction world drabbles are a bit longer. Knowing how restricting writing tight can be THE GASTON LEROUX BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE DRABBLE CONTEST will have an upper limit of 300 words. It does not have to be exactly 300 yet cannot go over the limit.  For detailed information,  visit my blog http://jenniferlinforth.blogspot.com and follow the link in the upper right corner for rules and the theme. Updates and announcements regarding the contest will be posted on the blog. The contest will open  12:01AM EDST on May 6th, 2009, Gaston Leroux’s birthday. 

This is a great way to show off your writing skills and win lots of goodies! So sharpen those quills and start culling your words.

Also... I just did a post there on the role of the passive-aggressive in Leroux's Phantom! Enjoy!



Jennifer Linforth
Author, Historical fiction and romance

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Webber and this Musical and Leroux's Erik.. [22 Apr 2009|09:06am]


Morning all...

Webber drives me nuts and this question just dawned on me. I am waiting on the edits for book two of The Madrigals and out Webber just confirmed that he expects a October 2009 release for his musical. (which my publisher is happy about since that is when book two of my leroux series hits the shelves)  But I pondered if he will name The Phantom in this musical....



Sorry if you have to copy and past, LJ is not playing nice today.

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